What Can You Do About Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are among the many men who have erectile dysfunction, you know how bad it can be. The condition can ruin relationships and cause stressful problems with men. Many causes or potential causes are implicated as causes for erectile dysfunction (ED). While most younger men do not experience this problem, it is becoming increasingly frequent among young men due to diet and many environmental factors. If you have any symptoms of ED, be sure to check with your doctor first to rule out any other problems first.

When you go into the gas stations, you may notice the very expensive penis pumping pills they have in tiny card boxes with pictures of people making love on the label. Is this the erectile dysfunction cure? Something you buy at a gas station? No, it definitely is not the cure but some people claim that those things actually work. Maybe they do, but you will also notice a massive warning on the package that all but tells you to not take it because of the risks. That is scary and could be unhealthy.

Erectile function, as mentioned earlier, can be caused by a variety of different underlying conditions. Once of the most common is low levels of testosterone. This is yet another reason to see your doctor when you have reduced sex drive and symptoms of ED. If your testosterone is low, your health is compromised overall and your sexual health is on its way out the door. This is bad and there are medical solutions for that. Seeing a physician is essential for this to work out.

Is this the erectile dysfunction cure? Is it testosterone? If only it were so simple and sometimes it is. If low testosterone is the cause, the ED will go away and everything will be fine as long as you maintain the treatment you chose. Otherwise, there is some other cause. In this case, it would be called “idiopathic erectile dysfunction.” All that means is that it definitely is real ED but the cause is unknown. If you are in this situation, consider some different approaches.

First of all, you will want to be sure that you are eating a healthy diet that is high in fibers from fruits and vegetables. Eating plenty of natural fiber will help keep your heart and circulatory system healthy. This is important because reduced blood flow to the penis leads to ED. Proper diet and exercise are needed to get the circulatory system back into fit function and great circulation. Sometimes this alone will get rid of the problem,

Is this the erectile dysfunction cure?

There are also a number of natural supplements that can help tremendously. The two amino acids Arginine and Citrulline work in the body to increase levels of a compound called nitric oxide. This dilates blood vessels such as those responsible for erections. These amino acids result in harder erections that last longer. In addition to regular exercise and other natural tactics, you can potentially cure any erectile dysfunction you may have and return to a healthy sex life.